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Spread the Cost Catalogues

Our guide to pay monthly and pay weekly catalogues.

Find out which catalogues offer spread the cost payment options where you can pay for clothing, electricals, furniture and appliances in monthly or weekly installments.

The In's and Out's of Spread the Cost

An quick explanation of what pay monthly and weekly means.

A catalogue or store which allows you to spread the cost on purchases is going to be offering you two, maybe three choices; pay monthly, pay weekly or pay fortnightly. In each of these cases, the total cost of the items you bought (plus interest) will be broken down into small installments over a certain period. This period is usually determined by the cost of those items.

Paying monthly tends to be the most popular payment plan and is an option for anyone who struggles to save large amounts of money. That is the big benefit of spread the cost. Being able to pay back in small sums, which after setting up a direct debit, aren't as noticeable on your bank statements.

Ready to Apply?

If you already know what you're looking then get ready to apply!

Now that you are ready to apply you just need to choose your catalogue. We've made this very simply by providing an array of catalogues for you to choose. If you're still not sure about a few things then please use our easy tool navigation to the left and see if you can find the information you're looking for.

Catalogues and Stores offering Spread the Cost

A short list of retailers which offer installment payments.

As spread the cost is the most popular credit option there are a large number of catalogues that provide it. As such, we will only mention the top 5 as these should be able to cater for anyone's needs.

Lookagain is perhaps the most broad of all the pay monthly catalogues. Not only do they have better acceptance rates for people with bad credit when compared against catalogues like Littlewoods but they offer a huge range of products including women's and men's clothing, laptops, iPads, TV's, sofas, beds, wardrobes, cookers, fridges and more! Credit provided subject to status.

Your next best option would be either Dial a TV or a JD Williams brand. Dial a TV offers the full range of spread the cost options but doesn't have any fashion products. Fashion World, Simply Be, Jacamo and The Brilliant Gift Shop, all part of the JD Williams group, are the next go-to pay monthly catalogue as between them they offer the most diverse range of items, and the big bonus is that you can use one account for all JD Williams brands! Credit provided subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

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We have reviewed each and every catalogue that offers customers the chance to buy on finance. If you're still not sure which catalogue is best for you then we recommend you read our reviews of each catalogue and see which one matches your criteria.