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About Us

A quick overview of who we are and what we do.

We are a small group of individuals with a great deal of experience in the catalogue market. We realised that the majority of people who are looking for a catalogue want to buy on finance. Otherwise they could most likely find what they're after elsewhere and for a lower price. In any case, we decided the need for a comprehensive guide of the UK's credit catalogues was needed so we built this site.

We carried out many days of research to find out which catalogues specialised in certain products and credit options. With this information we built a page dedicated to each of the major catalogue brands going over their finance plans, their products, delivery options and returns information. We also created pages on the more popular products such as laptops, sofas and wardrobes so that people looking just for these would be able to find a catalogue that offers what they want.

By the time we had finished we had reviewed over 20 UK catalogues, 20 products and written over 20,000 words of tips and advice when buying online, on credit, and from UK catalogues. We then realised that we should have a nice table to summarise all of the information that we had gathered so that those in a hurry could quickly find a catalogue that suits their shopping and financial needs! See it here.

We have tried our best to be as honest and transparent as possible but we always recommend to check the terms and conditions of each and every catalogue or store that you visit from this site before you sign any agreements or make any purchases.

If you have any questions relating to the information on this site or need help finding a catalogue please email us at info@approvedcatalogues.co.uk.