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Mobile Phones on Finance

Been refused a phone contract? Get a mobile on finance instead and then a sim-only deal on contract!

The difference between getting a phone on finance over contract is the approval rate is higher! You end up paying around the same price with a contract as you do when you buy a handset using a catalogue. So, if you've already been refused a contract from a phone network, have a look at our list of catalogues that offer pay monthly, weekly and pay later options.

How to Choose a Mobile Phone

With so many options, it can be a daunting task trying to work out which phone is the best for you!

Choosing the right mobile phone handset is crucial, although with so many handsets and tariffs on the market it can be a daunting task.

The first thing to think about is how you plan to use your phone and which mobile phone features you need the most. If you plan on just talking and texting, then your main focus will probably be on the best tariff available, as every mobile has this functionality. In this case, the sim only contract is the more important aspect.

However if you are looking for something much more sophisticated, with a good digital camera, MP3 player and web browser all in one device, things become much more complex, however your options are narrower, with less phones overall to choose from. Other options to consider are if you need a full physical QWERTY keyboard with email and messaging options, for example if you plan on using the phone for business or are really active on social networks.

Luckily manufacturers and networks realise users do not always fall into one category, and provide a range of handsets and tariffs with options to suit everyone, no matter how they plan to use their phone or what budget they are working with. Similarly, you can find a huge range of handset models from UK catalogues.

Ready to Apply?

If you already know what you're looking then get ready to apply!

Now that you are ready to apply you just need to choose your catalogue. We've made this very simply by providing an array of catalogues for you to choose. If you're still not sure about a few things then please use our easy tool navigation to the left and see if you can find the information you're looking for.

What to Consider

There are a few things you should take into account when buying a phone on credit

When purchasing a mobile phone on credit there are a number of points to consider, the most important of which is the amount of interest paid on the agreement. With most finance schemes, the total cost of your mobile phone will be more than its price value when you purchase on credit. Generally speaking, the longer the period you spread your costs over, the greater your total cost will be, but the lower the installments.

In addition, many stores nowadays will add penalties, effectively fining you for reminders and missed payments. Buy now pay later schemes are often interest free, as long as you pay the balance in full before the end of the deferred period. But remember if the balance is not paid in full the agreement automatically reverts to a standard credit agreement with interest charges payable.

Purchasing online has never been easier, the entire finance application process is straight forward and almost immediate in most cases. Finance on mobile phones is available from all manufacturers including Samsung, Apple, HTC, Nokia, Sony and LG. With these flexible finance schemes, you can choose from the very latest range of smartphones even if you, like many today, are stretched budget-wise. Most companies will require credit checks to be carried out, but the acceptance criteria is fairly basic with a very high acceptance rate.

Read a Review

Unsure of a catalogue? Read a review about it first.

We have reviewed each and every catalogue that offers customers the chance to buy on finance. If you're still not sure which catalogue is best for you then we recommend you read our reviews of each catalogue and see which one matches your criteria.