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How to Improve Your Credit Rating

A quick guide of tips on improving your credit history.

Here we go over some useful information on how you can go about improving your credit rating and thus allowing you to increase your chances of getting approved for finance in the future.

What Causes a Bad Credit Score

An overview of the types of problems that can result in a negative mark on your credit score.

A credit score is simply a number which credit agencies attribute to you based on your credit history. This number is then used by companies with which you are applying for finance so that they can ascertain whether or not you are a risky customer or not. In some cases, a slightly risky customer is actually favourable! This does not mean that you should attempt to lower your credit score if you have a good one! Someone with a poor rating will most likely be charged a higher interest rate.

There are numerous things that can cause someone to get a low or poor credit score. The most common causes are missed or late payments, incorrect information, being refused credit, and having no credit history at all. Whichever the cause is, your first action should be to apply for your credit report from one of the two main credit agencies (Experian and Equifax). You should then check all of the details on this including your name and address and make sure it all matches up to what it should be.

When it comes to trying to improve your credit rating, you first need to rectify any problems on the credit report and attempt to pay back any outstanding debts. Even if you cannot afford to pay it off right away, contact the lender and negotiate a solution.

If you've never borrowed money before your credit rating won't be great, but it won't be bad either. You still may find yourself being refused from some lenders. In these cases, a good option is to apply for credit in other places, where the chances of getting approved are higher. These include catalogues, credit cards and mobile phone contracts. Getting approved for credit elsewhere shows other lenders that you are less of a risk and after a few months of successful payments, your credit score will begin to climb.

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How to get approved for a Catalogue Credit Account

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When applying for a credit account with a UK catalogue the most useful advice is knowing which catalogues are most likely to approve you. This is an even bigger issue for people who have an adverse credit history. With years of experience in the online catalogue sector, we know which catalogues have the best acceptance rates.
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