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Fridges & Freezers on Finance

Find a UK catalogue that offers fridges and freezers on finance with flexible payment options.

We have compared dozens of catalogues and stores to find which one's offer the best spread the cost payment plans as well as a buy now pay later option on fridges and freezers.

Things to Consider

Before you buy make sure you consider what type of fridge or freezer you want and remember to measure!

There are many options to consider when buying a fridge from an online catalogue or high street store, such as energy ratings, capacity, LED controls, warranty period, plus of course the weekly or monthly payment options available.

The main things to consider is the capacity of the fridge and whether or not you need a freestanding fridge or one which will fit into existing kitchen units. Most fridge models are available in a choice of colours to match your kitchen regardless of manufacturer, so the only other options to consider are extra features such as water coolers and ice dispensers.

The first thing to consider when you're buying a freezer, is the amount of freezing capacity required and therefore whether you need to buy an upright or chest freezer. Chest freezers are usually installed in a garage, cupboard or utility room because of their size and their top opening lids.

They are best for those looking to freeze food in bulk. But they don't usually have any internal shelves or clever storage options, so it can be awkward to sort out and get to your food. Upright freezers are generally much narrower and offer more convenience but less overall storage capacity.

Ready to Apply?

If you already know what you're looking then get ready to apply!

Now that you are ready to apply you just need to choose your catalogue. We've made this very simply by providing an array of catalogues for you to choose. If you're still not sure about a few things then please use our easy tool navigation to the left and see if you can find the information you're looking for.

Payment Options & Missed Payments

Can I choose how I pay and what happens if I miss a payment?

It is important to remember that all companies offering finance on fridges and other items (including catalogues) will carry out a credit check, despite many claims on the internet to the contrary. In addition, should you miss or be late with any payments on a credit agreement, this will be reported to credit reference agencies and could result in you experiencing difficulties getting accepted for credit in the future.

So you should make every effort to make payments by the due date on any finance agreement, in addition do not enter into any agreement unless you are are sure you have the ability to make the repayments. You should also consider the possibility of being unable to make payments due to a loss of income through unemployment, sickness or the result of an accident. Most companies offering credit will also offer some sort of insurance to protect your payments in the event you lose your earnings.

As with all finance or credit schemes, it is important to read the small print and beware of any special terms or exclusions in any finance agreement. That being said, the finance terms offered by catalogue companies such as littlewoods are fairly transparent and free from any odious penalties or hidden charges designed to trip you up.

On the buy now pay later schemes for example, as long as you pay the balance in full by the end of the deferred payment period, there is no interest or other charges to pay. if you take finance over a longer period, then the monthly statement clearly shows the minimum payment required and you always have the option to pay more if you can.

Benefits of buying on Finance

There are a number of positives of buying from a catalogue using a credit option.

Fridges & Freezers are essential household items and we tend to take them for granted, but if your fridge breaks down, or you are moving into your first home and need to buy a new freezer along with other household appliances, you may not have the money to afford to buy onebrand new in one lump sum.

Luckily fridges & freezers and other household appliances are available from many online catalogues and high street retailers on credit or finance. Not all stores offer home appliances, but enough do so you will always have a good choice and be able to compare prices as well as overall cost of finance.

The big plus of buying on finance is that you get what you need when you need it rather than having to wait months trying to save up. Naturally, the overall cost will be higher than what you would have paid but you do get to have a fridge/freezer for longer!

Read a Review

Unsure of a catalogue? Read a review about it first.

We have reviewed each and every catalogue that offers customers the chance to buy on finance. If you're still not sure which catalogue is best for you then we recommend you read our reviews of each catalogue and see which one matches your criteria.