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Dishwashers on Finance

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Choosing a Dishwasher

Here we go over a number of factors which you should consider when purchasing a dishwasher.

There are so many different models and types of dishwasher available that it is sometimes difficult to know where to start when shopping for a dishwasher. But there are some important elements to consider, whether you’re a first-time buyer or replacing your old dishwasher.

Firstly, you need to determine the correct size of dishwasher for your needs. Obviously a single person will probably not need a full size dishwasher whereas a large family may require a larger capacity model. In addition you need to check out the space available in your fitted kitchen, dishwashers usually come in two sizes, 60cm wide and 45cm wide - make sure you choose the model that will fit!

Other factors to consider are the storage options and flexibility when choosing a dishwasher. Machines with racks that are height adjustable and that have separate cutlery racks are much easier to use and in the real world will have a larger capacity despite the nominal specification.

You also have a choice between simple manual control dials and programmable electronic LED displays with customisable options such as timers. Some dishwashers also have different spray levels which means you can achieve the deepest cleaning with no need to pre-soak heavily stained pans or cooking trays, some of the more expensive models even have sensors to check the level of soil in the pre-rinse water to determine the temperature and spray pressure.

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Common payment options available for Dishwashers

Pay Later or Pay Monthly options are offered by numerous catalogues and stores.

A dishwasher is the perfect solution if you enjoy cooking but hate washing dishes! With a dishwasher you don't ever have to worry about cleaning up the messy dishes after a party or even just the family meal. Today you can even buy dishwashers on affordable finance terms from catalogue companies such as Littlewoods.

Littlewoods offer an entire range of slimline dishwashers from manufacturers including Bosch, Whirlpool, Hoover and Beko. Available in a choice of colours and types, to suit all budgets. If you open a shopping account at Littlewoods you can buy dishwashers on finance and spread the cost over 20 to 52 weeks, interest free from as little as a few pounds per week. if this is too expensive, you can spread the cost even further over 2 to 3 years for smaller weekly payments, though interest will be applied.

With the Littlewoods Buy Now Pay Later option, you can pay nothing for up to 12 months but get the dishwasher you need today! A dishwasher is a great complement to a home, especially those with a busy lifestyles, catalogues can help you find the dishwasher model that suits you at low weekly or monthly prices, so you can get your new dishwasher straight away without breaking the bank.

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