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Dining Tables on Finance

Credit options for dining tables from the UK's top catalogues.

Need a new dining table? Just moved home? Take a look at our list of catalogues that offer their customers the chance to buy dining tables and other home furniture on credit.

What is the right Dining Table?

Make sure you're new table can fit in your living room before you buy it!

When it comes to choosing a dining table, there are no real hard and fast rules, tables and chairs do not have to match in style or colour.

The most important thing to work out is the ideal size. You need a minimum of 3 ft between the table edge and the wall or the next piece of furniture and as a general rule of thumb, rectangular and oval tables work best in rectangular spaces, whereas round or square tables work best in square spaces. You also require around 24 inches of table length per person sitting (maybe more depending on the width of your chairs), plus an extra amount to compensate for the legs and overhang, depending on the design of the table.

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Stores and their Finance Options

A short overview of the kind of payment options you can expect for a Dining Table.

Dining tables can often be a highlight of your home, unfortunately, they can be really expensive. Fortunately, there are many department stores and online catalogues today that offer dining tables on finance, allowing you to get the table you really want, without having to worry about finding the cash up front!

Harveys the furniture store (owned by Steinhoff International) are the largest furniture specialist in the UK with over 150 furniture stores nationwide. They may not be the cheapest, but they offer a range of furniture, including dining tables, with intelligent styling and design, offering quality dining room furniture at value prices. Harveys were the first of the big UK furniture specialists to offer an online service for purchasing dining room furniture with great finance packages available to spread the cost.

There are two types of finance to choose from at Harveys, a standard finance package with up to 48 monthly repayments or a buy now pay later option. Both options are available when you spend £400 or over online and both are interest free. Homebuy is another option for dining room furniture on credit, as one of the UK's leading finance retailers they offer low weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments to those customers who pass their credit and affordability checks, with over 280 stores around the UK, and a range of dining tables available for delivery to your door within 7 days.

Other big brand stores such as IKEA are now offering finance terms on larger items too. IKEA have a range of dining room furniture with prices starting from £15 and easy and competitive financing available in your local IKEA store. The Very home shopping catalogue features their exclusive "Home Collection" range with glass, metal and wood dining tables available for next day delivery, including part assembled, ready assembled and self assembly dining tables.

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