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Digital & Video Cameras on Finance

We find the best credit options on all kinds of cameras.

Looking for a new camera? We have compared numerous catalogues which offer video and DSLR cameras on finance for those of us who can't quite afford the camera they want.

Which Camera?

Choosing the right camera for its intended use is perhaps the most important decision.

Which camera you should buy will obviously depend on your budget and how and where you intend to use the camera. There are different shapes and models of cameras each designed specifically for particular tasks, but they tend to come in a number of different basic shapes; compact, DSLR and Bridge cameras (somewhere in between compact and DSLR).

You also need to consider the sensor size and pixels, a more sensitive sensor with more pixels generally equals clearer, sharper snaps. But today even the most basic cameras have ratings of many megapixels, so if you just want a camera for holiday photos and other special occasions, almost any digital camera will fit the bill, simply choose on price.

Ready to Apply?

If you already know what you're looking then get ready to apply!

Now that you are ready to apply you just need to choose your catalogue. We've made this very simply by providing an array of catalogues for you to choose. If you're still not sure about a few things then please use our easy tool navigation to the left and see if you can find the information you're looking for.

Finance Options and Payment Periods

Choose either spread the cost or buy now and pay later.

These days a new digital camera can easily set you back hundreds of pounds, which is a lot to shell out in one go for many of us in the present economic climate. This is where the buy now pay later and other flexible finance schemes offered by most catalogues and some other stores really come in handy. These finance plans are perfect for those who want to spread the cost of their new camera over a period of time.

Photographic technology has come a long way in recent years, with even the simplest digital camera offering a range of special features that allow complete beginners to take great pictures in any light conditions and to even add special effects. However, all this technology comes at a price, the latest digital cameras can be very expensive, but camera finance plans allow you to purchase a digital camera today, in many cases with no deposit required, plus the catalogue interest free buy now pay later offers mean you don’t have to pay for the camera for up to 12 months!

Catalogue companies such as Look Again have a full range of cameras and photography equipment available to credit customers, as does the Littlewoods catalogue and website. Very offers a variety of cameras and camcorders from manufacturers including Panasonic, Sony and Canon, with a number of payment options so that you can get the camcorder that is perfect for you within your budget. The Very Buy Now, Pay Later policy allows you to pay nothing for 6 months if you spend £130 or more, spend £200 or more and you pay nothing for 9 months, £300 or more, you pay nothing for 12 months. If at the end of these deferred periods, you still don’t have the money to pay off your purchase in full, you get the option to spread the cost and make small payments over time for up to 36 months.

Read a Review

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We have reviewed each and every catalogue that offers customers the chance to buy on finance. If you're still not sure which catalogue is best for you then we recommend you read our reviews of each catalogue and see which one matches your criteria.