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Beds on Finance

Need a new Bed but can't quite afford one? Try credit catalogues...

If you're looking for a new bed for your bedroom but haven't got the savings needed to buy one outright, you should consider buying one on finance from a UK catalogue.

Which Bed Should I Buy?

Choosing the right bed can be paramount for a great night sleep!

As we spend one third of our life in bed, you should spend some time doing research into choosing the perfect bed. A decent bed is not something you should skimp on, as long as you choose wisely a good bed is always money well spent! The best bet is to buy the biggest bed possible for the size of the room.

The bed length should always be longer than the tallest person intending to sleep in it and there should be enough space around the bed to open the cupboards and the bedroom door. A bed is an important investment, even though the best bed for you may not be the most expensive bed, it's definitely worth spending as much as you can afford to get a really good mattress. Remember the average lifespan of a bed and mattress is about 8-10 years, that is a long time to spend being uncomfortable!

Ready to Apply?

If you already know what you're looking then get ready to apply!

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How to get approved for a Catalogue Credit Account

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Getting a good nights sleep is important, so buying a cheap bed is not an option. Unfortunately if money is scarce, many of us won't have the cash lump sum needed to buy a great quality bed, luckily there are now many stores, both on and offline, where you can buy a bed on finance.

The most well known specialist stores offering beds on credit are Bensons for beds and Sleepmasters, both offer a wide range of products on easy repayment terms.

The Littlewoods catalogue store also offers a decent range of beds on 0% interest finance. They stock a variety of branded products in sizes from children’s singles right up to Super king sizes. Oak Furniture Land is another store offering beds with an interest free payment basis. Homebase has over 2000 models of beds featured in their online store, all with easy finance plans which will suit most pockets.

Another great option for bargain hunters is the furniture village, they offer 3 years interest free credit on all beds with a five year quality guarantee from any of their 40 stores nationwide. When you take the option of beds on finance you can choose to pay back what you owe on a weekly or monthly basis, with most stores offering up to a year of interest free credit.

Bensons for Beds have a huge range of mattresses, bed frames, bedroom furniture, guest beds & sofa beds, memory foam mattresses, tv beds, childrens beds and adjustable beds on sale. The interest free period ranges from 6 to 36 months, depending on purchase price. Orders over £150 qualify for 6 months interest free credit, over £299 is 10 months, over £499 is 20 months, over £899 gets 30 months and all orders valued over £1299 get a whopping 36 months interest free credit.

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